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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

If your vehicle's wheels are not optimally balanced, it can jeopardise your car handling precision and increase the risk of tyre-related road accidents. To avoid such safety issues, it is imperative you opt for a routine wheel balancing check of your vehicle from professional workshops.

At Hotline Tyres Ltd, we provide services of wheel balancing Milton Keynes for every vehicle make and model. Our trained technicians efficiently check your car's wheels with advanced equipment to find the area of disproportionate weight distribution and re-balance the wheels using appropriate weights without much TAT.

Causes of Unbalanced Wheels

  • Driving on misaligned wheels for a prolonged time.
  • Tyre manufacturing faults lead to disparate weight distribution across the tyre circumference.
  • Frequent driving on rough and adventurous tracks.
  • Inaccurately fitted wheels to hubs.
  • Poorly inflated tyres.

Furthermore, the stem hole of the wheel also deducts a certain amount of weight from the tyre and wheel assembly, which must be re-balanced.

Warning Signs of Unbalanced Wheels

You should visit us for wheel balancing Milton Keynes immediately if you come across the following warning signs:

  • Uneven and frequent tyre wear,
  • Odd juddering on floorboards and steering wheel.
  • Poor braking performance.
  • In-efficient cornering precision.
  • Reduced fuel economy.
  • Poor steering experience.

About Our Wheel Balancing Service

We follow a very precise method of re-balancing car wheels accurately. It involves the following steps:

Step 1

Our experts will first carefully unmount the tyre and wheel assembly of your car.

Step 2

They will mount the tyre and wheel assembly on our cutting-edge wheel balancing machine.

Step 3

Next, they will rotate your car's tyre and wheel assembly at high speeds and note all the measurements and vibrations the machine generates.

Step 4

Following this, they will analyse the data received carefully to find the areas of faulty weight distribution.

Step 5

Finally, they will use adequate weight and attach it to the internal or external surface of your car’s wheel assembly to re-balance it.

Once the wheel balancing process is over, they will mount the tyre and wheel assembly back to your car and offer tyre inflation check if deemed necessary.

Please note: We only use environmentally friendly weights for re-balancing car wheels adhering to the rules laid down by the UK Government.

Therefore, end your search for “wheel balancing near me” with Hotline Tyres.

Visit us for best wheel balancing services Milton Keynes at affordable rates.

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