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Nexen Tyres

Nexen is a Korean tyre manufacturing brand serving the industry since 1942. The tyre maker has gained immense popularity in the UK due to its superior handling stability and affordable rates. Additionally, tyres from this brand come as OE fitment to global brands like Hyundai, KIA, Mitsubishi, etc., affirming their on-road driving safety and reliability.

Hotline Tyres Ltd. is a reputable dealer of Nexen tyres Milton Keynes offering units for every make and model. We also have a team of tyre experts to help you choose the correct set based on your driving requirements and budget.

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You can now use our tyre finder to buy Nexen tyres Milton Keynes hassle-free. For that, you need to provide your car’s registration details or tyre index on our portal. Next, choose units at your convenience and place the order. Alternatively, you can also place an order directly from our store at Lexus House (rear), Rosslyn Crescent, Milton Keynes, HA1 2RZ.

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Categories of Nexen tyres available


Nexen manufactures its summer units with a rigid rubber compound to maintain structural integrity even at temperatures above 7 degrees Celsius. It further distributes heat uniformly to improve braking performance and optimise rolling resistance. In addition, the shallow and unique tread pattern enables maximum traction and significantly mitigates the risks associated with aquaplaning on wet road conditions.

  • N Fera Primus


These are made of a premium softer rubber material offering enhanced control and traction on slush and sleet. Winter variants are ideal for individuals planning to switch to Nexen car tyres Milton Keynes, which provide maximum protection against aquaplaning. They are built with deep grooves and specially designed tread patterns to speed up the water evacuation process and improve stability.

  • WinGuard Snow G3


Nexen’s all-season variant comes with an adaptive silica-infused rubber compound responsible for delivering reliable on-road performance throughout the year in mild climates. This variant will also help motorists avoid cost & inconvenience in repeated seasonal tyre replacement.

  • N Fera Sport


Are you an off-road enthusiast?

Then, 4x4 or SUV tyres are an ideal choice for you. Nexen’s 4X4 models feature rigid centre ribs and robust structure for superior grip and control on rugged terrains. In addition, the wide shoulder blocks and deep grooves disperse water and slush optimally.Furthermore, these units maintain the load-bearing ability even on uneven surfaces.

  • Pris RH7

In addition to these, we also stock:

  • Performance tyres
  • Run-flats or RFTs and others

So, without further time spent looking for “Nexen tyres near me”, visit our store today!

We also stock a large range of premium tyres to cater to a diverse clientele. The brands include Pirelli, Bridgestone, Dunlop, etc.

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