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Though Dunlop is a part of Goodyear's arsenal now, it did not affect its consumer appeal and visibility. Since its inception in 1889, Dunlop has continuously tried to outperform its own capabilities to offer top-grade units matched with the latest technological advancements. Interestingly, the 2019's Isle of Man TT Winners opted for Dunlop tyres for his motorcycle. Thus, it becomes easy to understand why people rely on Dunlop tyres based on valid endorsements.

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Hotline Tyres Ltd. is a go-to destination for Dunlop tyres Milton Keynes available at competitive rates. We stock all tyre categories in multiple sizes to provide to our diverse clientele. All of our products are covered under the Manufacturer's Warranties to ensure optimal on-road protection.

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A Glance at Our Dunlop Tyres Collection

Summer Tyres

The distinctive feature of these units is the harder rubber compound mated with shallow tread depth. Resulting in Dunlop's summer units providing the best-in-class car control and manoeuvrability. Moreover, this variant improves your car's fuel economy and delivers matchless braking performance thanks to its low rolling resistance.


  • Sport Maxx Race 2
  • StreetResponse 2

Winter Tyres

These models are made from a soft natural rubber-rich compound that ensures exceptional performance in freezing temperatures. In addition to this, they highlight a deep tread design with a uniquely formulated compound. Such innovations promise excellent resistance against hydroplaning chances without compromising on control and manoeuvrability.


  • Winter Sport 5
  • SP WinterResponse

All-Season Tyres

Want to avoid semi-annual tyre replacement? Switch to all-season Dunlop car tyres Milton Keynes. These models offer reliable performance throughout the year in mild climatic conditions. Thanks to its silica-infused all-adaptive rubber carcass that excels in both wet and dry conditions. Furthermore, the intermediate tread depth provides maximum grip and traction on all road conditions.


  • Grandtrek AT20
  • Grandtrek Touring A/S

4x4 Tyres

Designed specifically for off-roading enthusiasts, Dunlop's 4x4 variant ensures exceptional vehicle control and stability on rugged terrains. It features a robust centre rib and reinforced sidewalls for unmatched weight-bearing ability on both paved and unpaved roads.


  • SP SportMaxx GT
  • SP Sport 270

Other Variants Available

Do you drive a super and high-performance vehicle? Our tyre specialists recommend Dunlop SP Sport 5000 sport performance tyre for excellent control and manoeuvrability.

Want more?

You can save your vehicle's boot space by switching to a run-flat option like SP SportMaxx TT. With this unit, you can drive up to 50 miles per hour even after a puncture.

Best-selling Dunlop Tyres Milton Keynes

  • SP Sport 270 RHD
  • SP Sport Maxx DSST ROF

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