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Continental Tyres

Continental has earned an enormous reputation worldwide over the past 150 years and is among the top five tyre manufacturers globally. Its innovative cycles led to revolutionary leaps. Besides, the manufacturer constantly adapts to changing the forms of mobility to deliver products suitable for all road conditions.

Motorists in and around Milton Keynes, looking for units offering a perfect balance of performance, superior handling and safety features for all sorts of driving, road and weather conditions, Hotline Tyres Ltd. recommends Continental tyres.

Who are We?

Hotline Tyres Ltd. is a reputed retailer of Continental tyres Milton Keynes, including units in all variants and sizes. Our store is located at Lexus House (rear), Rosslyn Crescent, Milton Keynes, HA1 2RZ, and we are open from Monday to Friday. Our tyre experts provide assistance to help you make an informed choice.

Online Tyre Sale Facility

To buy Continental tyres Milton Keynes from the comfort of your home or workplace, follow the 3-easy steps-

Step 1: Provide your vehicle's registration number or tyre details on the tyre finder tool

Step 2: Navigate through our exclusive collection and select preferred units

Step 3: Make payment

Note: We accept all major Debit and Credit cards. You can also make payments via cheque, bank draft, bank transfer etc. We also accept mail orders.

Let's now take a look at our offerings-

Units Available

  • SportContact 7 (Summer Variant)

SportContact 7 features technical refinements such as–

  • Adaptive tread design suitable for both dry and wet roads
  • BlackChili rubber compound adapts to the tread design to ensure optimal grip

In addition, when you drive, its footprint stops at the highest water evacuation point in the tread. This gives exceptional grip while braking, accelerating and cornering on wet terrains. In contrast, when cornering on dry surfaces, the footprint transfers to the outer shoulder that transmits the highest forces to ensure stable handling.

Other Options

  • Eco Contact 6
  • ContiSportContact 5
  • Winter Contact TS860 (Winter Variant)

Continental's Winter Contact TS860 is equipped with Liquid Layer Drainage to deliver effective braking performance on snow-covered terrains. The technology incorporates additional channels moulded throughout the tread block and drains water instantly to ensure shorter braking distances on icy and slushy surfaces. Furthermore, the V-shaped tread provides better grip and traction in challenging road conditions.

Other Options

  • Viking Contact 7
  • ContiWinterContact TS810 S
  • AllSeasonContact (All Season Variant)

Are you looking for Continental car tyres Milton Keynes offering year-round performance at moderate temperatures? Then, the German-engineered AllSeasonContact is ideal for you. Be it muddy or wet, AllSeasonConatct provides optimal driving safety all time. While the open shoulders efficiently resist hydroplaning, its stiff pattern controls the vehicle effortlessly in challenging road conditions.

Other Options

  • VanContact 4Season

Other Continental Tyres Milton Keynes Available with Us

  • SportConatct 6 (UPH) comes with a unique rubber compound that provides high adhesion across all directions while braking, cornering and accelerating. The small suction pads activate even at the nanoscopic levels to ensure optimal grip.
  • SportContact 2 SSR (RTF) offers longer tread life and extended mobility even at times of blowouts. You can drive up to 50 miles an hour even with a flat tyre.
  • ContiCrossContact AT (4X4) ensures optimum performance over rough and rocky terrains. Designed with an aggressive tread pattern, it offers extreme grip. The aggressive construction delivers maximum protection against minor damages like cuts and abrasions.

Satisfied with our collection?

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