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Are you looking for Tyre Labelling for your vehicle?

Did you know that by law all new tyres must have a proper EU tyre label attached that provides details about wet grip, noise emission, and fuel efficiency.

This law was first introduced in 2012 and slightly modified in 2021.

Hotline Tyres Ltd. offers a vast collection of car tyres Milton Keynes at competitive rates. All the tyres in our inventory come with a label, meeting all the necessary guidelines. Further, to cater to our diverse clientele, we stock tyres across all price segments- premium, mid-range and budget.

Let us understand the EU tyre label in more details.

What Does the EU Tyre Label Inform?

EU tyre label primarily details three basic performance parameters of a tyre. They are-

Fuel Efficiency

It is denoted by letters from A to E. An ‘A-rated’ tyre is marked green for providing maximum fuel efficiency. In contrast, an ‘E-rated’ model is marked red for delivering the lowest mileage.

Wet Grip

It informs how the tyre will perform on slippery and wet surfaces, with performance graded from A to E. While an ‘A-grade’ tyre performs the best on wet terrains, the ‘E-grade’ model performs the worst.

Noise Emission

After replacing the sound-bar format, noise emission is now rated by letters A, B and C and measured in decibels. An ‘A-rated’ model emits noises ranging from 67 dB to 71 dB. In comparison, a ‘C-rated’ tyre emits noises between 72 dB and 76 dB.

Additional Tyre Label Information

In May 2021, a few other icons were added to the EU tyre label. They are-

  • Grip in snowy conditions (only for C1 tyres)
  • 3-Peak Mountain Snow Badge to assure optimal safety in snow and ice
  • QR code with a link to (EPREL) European Product Registry for Energy Labelling for downloading complete tyre details

We hope you have found this short information page useful. Any questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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