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Firestone Tyres

In the beginning, Firestone began its journey with solid rubber side-wire tyres for fire engines, later, the rubber manufacturer shifted its focus on engineering mid-range passenger car tyres. As a result, the brand witnessed immense popularity soon for pioneering in mass production. Currently, Firestone serves as the sister brand of Bridgestone Tyres and possesses a strong global presence.

Hotline Tyres Ltd. brings your Firestone tyres Milton Keynes in multiple sizes and variants.

Let us take a glimpse of our exhaustive range-

Our Collection of Firestone Car Tyres Milton Keynes

  • Seasonal Specific Models

Summer Tyres

Considering the rising temperatures in summer, Firestone develops summer models with a unique hard rubber compound to maintain the structural integrity. The shallow tread depth excels at handling precision in both dry and wet road conditions.

Best-selling Models

  • Roadhawk
  • Multihawk 2
  • Firehawk SZ90?

Winter Tyres

Unlike summer models, Firestone incorporates a softer rubber compound that helps the tyre to remain soft even at sub-zero temperatures. In addition, they feature deeper tread grooves for delivering adequate resistance against the risks associated with hydroplaning. An important feature are the sipes for providing superior traction on slippery terrains.

Best-selling Models

  • Winterhawk 4
  • Winterhawk 3
  • Destination Winter

All-Season Tyres

Firestone presents all-season tyres to strike a balance between summer and winter units, ensuring year-round performance. Therefore, motorists trying to avoid frequently tyre replacements can switch to these Firestone car tyres Milton Keynes.

Best-selling Models

  • Multiseason Gen02
  • Multiseason
  • Vehicle Specific Models

Based on your driving requirements and vehicle type, we stock the following options-

For 4X4 and SUVs

  • Destination A/T2
  • Destination LE3

For Performance Vehicles

  • Indy 500
  • Firehawk AS

Online Tyre sale

Now buy Firestone tyres Milton Keynes from the comfort of your home or workplace. Avoid the inconvenience of visiting our store and purchase your preferred set of units directly from our website.

All you have to do is enter your vehicle’s registration number or tyre details on your tyre finder tool. Then, pick units at your convenience and place borders by confirming the payment.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Therefore, instead of wasting your time looking for “Firestone tyres near me”, end your searches with Hotline Tyres Ltd.

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