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  • Calibre Alloy Wheels
  • Hawke Alloy Wheels
  • Aez Alloy Wheels
  • Arceo Alloy Wheels
  • Targa Wheels
  • Velare Alloy Wheels
  • Riviera Alloy Wheels and more

Furthermore, we not only have the best products but also the best technicians with all the technical know-how. They can address all your queries regarding alloy wheels.

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Don’t worry, as you can also purchase alloy rims from our website. Simply locate our alloy wheel section on the home page and enter details regarding your car make and model and tyre size to continue your order.

Why Purchase Alloy Wheels?

Made from a mixture of nickel, magnesium and aluminium, alloy wheels are preferred because of their lightweight character. Here are a few reasons to accompany your car’s tyres with these wheels:

Increased fuel efficiency

Owing to the complex manufacturing process of alloy rims, they are considerably lighter in weight. Thus, they help in increasing the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Enhances the vehicle’s appearance

The most featured benefit of alloy wheels is the way they look. Many car manufacturers offer these wheels as a luxury feature. All in all, these wheels help increase the overall aesthetics of your car.

Better grip and traction

Being lightweight, these wheels put less pressure on the coil spring. This helps in providing enhanced grip and traction. Additionally, you will notice a significant difference in steering and cornering ability.

Engine durability

The lower weight of alloy wheels means they would put less pressure on your car’s engine. This will significantly improve the efficiency and durability of the engine.

Faster acceleration

Lighter wheels also contribute to faster acceleration. In addition, these rims put less strain on the car’s suspension system, allowing faster acceleration.

Rust proof

Another benefit of these rims is that they do not rust. This feature is beneficial for motorists residing in coastal areas or areas with harsh winters, where surface and salt corrosion are frequent.

Note: We also provide alloy wheel refurbishments on damaged rims to the highest possible standards.

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