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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Inaccurate wheel alignment of a car severely reduces fuel efficiency and steering precision. Hence, most automobile experts recommend car owners opt for a routine & precautionary wheel alignment check every 5000- 6000 miles from a reliable car workshop.

If you are looking for wheel alignment Milton Keynes, you can certainly come to us - Hotline Tyres. We use cutting-edge machinery to inspect the axle geometry of your car. Furthermore, our experts realign the faults in your car’s wheel angles without much turn-around-time.

Also, our prices are always affordable and can help you save a great deal!

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Symptoms of Faulty Wheel Alignment

If the wheel alignment of your car is at fault, you will experience the following warning signs:

  • Poor fuel economy
  • Crooked steering wheel
  • Vehicle drifting to one direction while driving straight at a constant speed
  • Uneven & frequent tyre wear
  • Inefficient braking performance

About Our Wheel Alignment Service

Our service of car wheel alignment Milton Keynes is highly sought-after in and around your location. We always try for 100% accuracy and therefore follow a very meticulous process of wheel alignment.

We first inspect all the 3 primary angles of a car, which include the following:

Camber- Angle made between the vertical axis of a wheel and the vertical axis of a vehicle when viewed from the front of the car is camber.

Caster– The angular displacement between the vertical axis of a steered wheel and the steering axis of a vehicle when viewed from the side is known as the caster.

Toe- The toe angle is the symmetric geometric alignment between the wheels of a car and its longitudinal axis when seen from the top.

Following this, we proceed to check all the secondary wheel angles like:

  • Included angle (left & right)
  • Toe out on turns (left & right)
  • Maximum Turns (left & right)
  • Toe curve change (left & right)
  • Track width difference
  • Wheelbase difference
  • Front ride height (left & right)
  • Rear ride height (left & right)
  • Frame angle
  • Setback (front & rear)

This helps us find the fault in your car's axle geometry measurements most accurately.

Please Note: We use superior quality sensors and cameras for the measurement process. We attach the camera unit (consisting of 4 cameras for each wheel) to a specially designed clamp that holds on to a wheel. Each camera unit communicates the physical positioning of the wheels with respect to other cameras and sends the data to a central computer which calculates the fault in the measurement.

Following this inspection process, our experts use the latest techniques to re-align the wheel angles of your car to their factory-make specifications, ensuring an uncompromised car handling experience.

After the mechanical alignment process, we also perform electronic resets of the Advanced Drive-Assist System like anti-lock brakes, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, traction control, etc.

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