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Are you looking for car air conditioning service Milton Keynes for your vehicle?

An air conditioning service ensures comfort and safety

Air conditioning systems ensure that you keep a cool head even in "hot" situations. Because the risk of an accident increases as the temperatures inside the vehicle rise. The driver's concentration and reaction time decrease. Therefore, an optimally adjusted air conditioning system ensures not only a cool head but also your safety.

But it's not just about reducing the temperatures in the vehicle

When the outside temperatures fall, you will often find your windscreen misty when you get into the vehicle. You need either cold or warm air coming from your car's air-con unit so the screen can be cleared in such cases. This can be done in seconds - but only when the air conditioning works properly.

Why should you have an car air conditioning service Milton Keynes done?

Air conditioning systems are not hermetically sealed systems. Refrigerants can escape, and moisture can penetrate. On the one hand, this leads to loss of performance or even failure of the system, and on the other hand, too high repair costs in the event of damage to the components.

Air conditioning maintenance at Hotline Tyres:

  • Pressure test
  • Draining and drying the system
  • Leak test
  • Filling with refrigerant (R134A or R1234YF gas) and oil according to manufacturer's specifications
  • Function test
  • Visual inspection of the drive belt
  • Air-conditioning system disinfection

In every air-conditioning system, harmful spores, fungi and bacteria can settle on the evaporator and be carried with the air into the vehicle interior (moldy smell). Regular disinfection will kill these, and only healthy, fresh air will enter your car. So, you can finally stop looking for "air conditioning services near me".

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