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Are you looking for Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle?

Imagine yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere with a flat tyre.

Not too convenient, right?

Such a situation will not only disrupt your driving experience, but your safety will also be in question.

Therefore, wait no longer and visit Hotline Tyres Ltd. to check out our vast collection of run-flat tyres Milton Keynes.

About Us

Hotline Tyres Ltd stocks run-flat car tyres milton keynes suitable for a multitude of car makes and models. We stock units from various reputed brands worldwide and in all price ranges to cater to a broader clientele. In addition, our products adhere to standard road-safety protocols to ensure reliability and durability.

Brands Available:


Michelin equips the Self-seal Technology to its RTF variants to avoid pressure loss from punctures in the tread. This technology immediately seals tread penetration if less than 6 mm. In fact, the additional rubber layers provide remarkable load-bearing capacity even in the event of a puncture.

For instance, CrossClimate+ features a reinforced sidewall that helps to carry load even in the event of a blowout. With this variant, you can drive your vehicle up to 50 miles, even with a flat tyre.


Continental’s SSR technology ensures to keep tyres compatible with standard rims even if blown out. The technology is based on a self-supporting reinforced sidewall that prevents the tyre from slipping off the rim. Further, it does not let the sidewall get crushed between the rim and the terrain.

For instance, with ContiProContact, you can drive your vehicle up to 50 miles at the highest speed of 50 mph in the event of a puncture.


With Dunlop’s RunOnFlat models, you can drive at a maximum speed of 50 km/hr in case of a puncture. In addition, the structured shoulder avoids the requirement of carrying a spare tyre.

As an example, SP SportMaxx RT 2 exhibits unbeatable strength and stiffness, improved steering precision and shorter braking distance at high speeds. As well as this, it delivers superior cornering grip on both dry and wet tarmacs.

In addition to these premium brands, we also cater for customers that are looking for cheap run-flat tyres Milton Keynes. Some of the affordable brands available at our store are-

  • GT Radial
  • Toyo etc.

Satisfied with our collection?

Then waste no more time looking for “run-flat tyres near me”!

Instead, head to our store at Unit 4, Lexus House (rear), Rosslyn Crescent, Milton Keynes, HA1 2RZ to purchase your run-flat tyres Milton Keynes at affordable prices.

Popular Run-Flat Technologies:


Units, with this technology, come with additional rubber layers that serve as a shield against excess pressure loss after a blowout. They also ensure improved structural integrity.


Even during a puncture, RTFs provide matchless load-bearing ability as they highlight a durable and robust supporting ring in the sidewall.


Premium RTF units comprise Kevlar reinforcement coupled with a support ring to bolster load-bearing capacity. In addition, these models ensure better control and manoeuvrability.

Points to Remember when Buying RTFs

  • RTFs are only recommended for car models installed with TPMS.
  • It is unsafe and illegal to repair RTFs as their quality significantly deteriorates after a puncture.

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