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We warrantee and represent that the goods are as described in the above listing. We specifically disclaim any implied warranties of title, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement. Customers should satisfy themselves that any item choice made is suitable for their intended purpose or use. We pride ourselves on our customer service. In the rare event that you have a problem with your item please contact us and we'll be happy to help. We reserve the right to ammend or change our terms and conditions without notice.

Terms & Conditions
You accept this sales contract with Hotline Tyres Ltd. This name will appear on your payment card statement.
All 'package' prices include 20% VAT

All package exclude delivery charges (uk mainland)

We balance the wheels for free,and cannot gaurantee that the wheels will be fully balanced, when packed and dispatcht to yourself,the reason for this is they are airlocked when packed securely,to avoid any delivery damages. We do not accept liability for any damage to goods once dispatched.


we price you up very calculativley,highly discounted, including delivery(only once) for international orders if there is a manufacturing problem you will need to send and collect the wheels to us at your cost for us to check fix,or replace,whatever possible, the wheels for you,we cannot be held responsible for the delivery costs in any matter whatso ever


the reason for this is that we are not manufacturers we are only suppliers,in the unlikely event of returns,we in turn also have a cost to return the wheels to our suppiers for any reason at our cost,


All 'from' prices exclude VAT and are from prices only based on the smallest wheel available without tyre.

All pictures are for illustration purposes.
All products are subject to availability.
All offers are subject to availability.
All offers and promotions advertised are valid whilst still on display or according to the expiry date as shown at the point of sale. All offers are subject to availability. Offers can not be extended for unavailable items..
All prices are subject to supplier prices remaining constant.
Our website is strictly for use with our customers, suppliers and authorised parties.
Misuse of our facilities including credit card payment gateway will result in investigation and possible prosecution of those found guilty of misuse.
All products must be checked before and whilst fitting. We recommend that all items are fitted by a dealer or specialist. Hotline Tyres ltd do not accept any liability in damages of the purchased item or of the vehicle for which it is intended. Should the wrong item be supplied, responsibility once received is with the fitter to ensure correct fitment for the car. Items can be returned to us and exchanged for correct parts provided the parts are in the same condition as they were sent and within 7 days from the time of delivery. No refunds/exchanges/compensation can be given for misuse or ill-fitting of any item.
Products may be purchased by: Credit card, bank transfer, cheque or postal order. If payment is made with any other option other than credit card, then the standard delivery time will be extended to that length of time after the payment has been correctly authorised.
Delivery time is according to the information given at the time of order usually within 2 working days but cannot be guaranteed. Please use the delivery time given to you at the time of order as a guide only and do not make special arrangements on the estimated time, a confirmed delivery date will have a consignment number for use with the courier.
Any delivery from a date given by Hotline Tyres Ltd is an estimate only and Hotline Tyres Ltd will not be liable for any delays or consequences of delays in delivery.
You must be available to accept deliveries, if you are not able to receive your order, please collect it from the delivery company or arrange for somebody to receive it for you. Any missed deliveries leading to redelivery of any items will be paid by you, you will be sent an invoice should circumstances arise.

Returns are subject to terms and conditions listed below:
A Refund can be given if one of the following is accurate:
1. The product is returned to us within 7 days of dispatch, with no damage to the product or its packaging. Return Postage paid by you. You will not be refunded postage to you.
2. The product is returned with a cover note outlining manufacturers faults within the first six months of purchase, after this time enquiries must be directed at the manufacturers which we will provide contacts for on request. Hotline Tyres Ltd offer no guarantees other than those offered by the manufacturer.
A Replacement can be given if:
1 The product is returned to us within 7 days of dispatch, with no damage to the product or its packaging. Return Postage paid by you. You will not be refunded postage to you.
2. The product is returned with a cover note outlining and explaining manufacturers faults within the six months of purchase, after this time enquiries must be directed at the manufacturers which we will provide contacts for on request.

All of our products are screened for any damage before they leave our depot. Each product is signed off by a member of staff to guarantee our quality control. If your product reaches you damaged do not accept the items.
All items when received from the delivery company must be checked before signing, if items are signed for in good condition without being checked you or we will not be able to claim any replacement funds from the delivery company. Please be aware that when items are collected from us by a delivery company they are checked and signed collected in good condition, therefore Hotline Tyres Ltd offer no compensation of items damaged in transit. However Hotline Tyres Ltd are willing to make a claim on your behalf provided you have checked the items and not signed for any items in good condition.
Collected items must be checked for damages before accepting. No damage claims can be accepted or considered when items leave our depot. This does not affect your statutory rights or your warranty.

Wheel Finishes:
Please note, Hotline Tyres Ltd offer no guarantee on any finish including chrome, paint or lacquer and will refer to the manufacturer for finish warranty policy. Hotline Tyres Ltd will not pay for, replace or subsidise in any way a wheel that is damaged due to manufacturer fault. If Hotline Tyres Ltd can not help you with your warranty we will pass the details of the manufacturer or UK importer to you.
Faulty, ill fitting or unsuitable items will be replaced or exchanged where appropriate within a statutory six months period. If the correct items or suitable alternatives cannot be sourced within this period, you will be entitled to a full refund. This is in keeping with your statutory rights. Any disputes for items that are unfit for use including unsuitable and ilfitting items may need a third party opinion agreed by both disagreeing parties at the cost of you unless items are found to be faulty/ilfitting or unfit for use. Items may be returned to us at cost to you by you or your chosen courier. We must be expecting these items; items that are not agreed for return will not be accepted upon delivery. Items that are damaged by post or courier will not be accepted for return, if an item is damaged without prior notice before sending will not be accepted.
Any faulty item will be referred to the manufacturer before any replacement or refund is given. The manufacturer's decision is final and Hotline Tyres Ltd will not supply a replacement or refund unless a manufacturer accepts liability.
It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they have ordered the correct product(s), not the sales representative. The sales representative will repeat your purchase order to you, to which you must agree. This will be agreed to before we will charge any amount or any item(s) being ordered.
Once a wheel order is placed, it is final and due to tyre fitting and supplier returns procedures no wheel/tyre orders can be cancelled. It is therefore advisable for the customer to be 100% sure of their situation before items are ordered.
Wheels ordered without tyres are non returnable once you fit tyres to them, please check that all products fit before making them un-returnable.
Product pictures are a representation only and actual products may vary from images shown. Images are provided by product manufacturers and are assumed to be as accurate as possible. Items finish or paint colour is described throughout this site according to the manufacturer's description, therefore we do not accept any disputes relating to product descriptions. If no colour finish is specified at point of quote or order, items will be ordered and sent in standard colour finish. Any dispute will be directed to the original order sheet as completed by the sales representative. This will be used to determine any disputes.
All disputes relating to this sale are subject to all of these terms and conditions as listed above. Any disputes to this sale will be disputed with the use of proof of delivery signatures and original order sheet as completed on your behalf by the sales representative.

Returns Policy Your rights to return goods are protected under the EU Distance Selling Directive which can be found at http://www.hmso.gov.uk/si/si2000/20002334.htm